Retail Operation

PB3™ Pricebook Management

Gain tighter C-Store inventory control.

With margins being squeezed and competition growing, now is the time to increase productivity and improve profits through better control of your business.

PB3 is powerful software for pricebook management and c-store operations. PB3 ensures optimum processing of item-level and department-level inventory with tight home office control. Extensive reporting with onscreen drill-down capabilities provides efficient and effective management of store inventory.

The solution? CMI 's PB3.


Pricing and department information is stored with the
item information, allowing cashiers to complete transactions
more quickly and record sales accurately.
Scan in deliveries at the store. Use multiple scanners to
quickly conduct a physical count by item.
Use PB3's management tools to noticeably reduce shrink
through tighter inventory control.

Handheld Scanners

CMI offers handheld scanners to help you manage deliveries, price checks and physical counts.


Quickly and conveniently scan in vendor deliveries using a handheld scanner. Once scanned in, you can review, modify, and accept the delivery.


Track inventory using multiple scanners. You can accurately audit your inventory, create shrink adjustments and update results.