Wholesale Fuel Operations

PetroCycle™ Fuel Management

Accounting for every gallon...from BOL to Billing in 15 seconds or less.

BOL to Billing in 15 Seconds

PetroCycle™ is designed to capture details of cost layers and quantity associated of fuel inventory. The BOL screen allows even the most complex BOLs to be entered, processed and distributed in a single step.

PetroCycle meets the needs for large and small jobbers and provides management information for each business segment, each product, each service and each location.

PetroCycle includes electronic exporting capability to provide convenient and complete reporting to state agencies for a vast array of required state reports. Reports which used to take hours to manually compile and complete are ready and transmitted in seconds with PetroCycle.

Electronic imports of rack prices, invoices, credit cards, EFTs and other data feed seamlessly into the PetroCycle pricing system.

Information captured is transmitted seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics SL accounting providing a full featured robust accounting system. All standard functions and reporting are included. Optional payroll module is available.

There is so much more. Ask to see the efficiency gain with PetroCycle, a fully-automated wholesale fuel and accounting software system.